Doll Haul: Monster High Reboot Draculaura and Frankie Stein Budget Dolls

Monster High Frankie Stein and Draculaura Budget Dolls

The new Monster High reboot is so controversial that when I saw the budget line Draculaura and Frankie Stein dolls on Amazon for $11.99 each I thought that I might as well order them and make up my mind for myself. There’s good and there’s bad to these new dolls, my thoughts on the two are below along with my photos.

Draculaura, Budget Doll

Monster High Draculaura Budget Doll in Box
Monster High Draculaura Budget Doll in Box

Here’s what the new Draculaura doll looks like in the box. The package itself is clean and simple, the doll is held in by those familiar plastic bands as the waist, ankles, and those awful things that go right into the skull. I never understood the necessity of those. She comes with an one-shoulder logo dress, pink heels with heart bows, heart bracelet, and heart bow headband. The budget line has different, stiffer hands, and no articulation at the wrists or elbows. Importantly, the hands cannot be removed. The dress is, like always, Monster High short, which means I can see her no-gutchies when she sits, and she can’t cross her legs. This is something that has always bothered me about MH dolls. Of all the things not to change!

Monster High Draculaura Budget Doll
Monster High Draculaura Budget Doll

Without the cellophane window you can see her a bit better. The promo image has her with giant eyes, but the one I received has eyes almost the same size as the pre-reboot Draculaura. By it’s nature Doll Haul is a gut reaction, so I’ve only had one evening with these dolls, but there are some important quality notes. This Draculaura doesn’t have any paint flaws that I’ve noticed, but the hair has glue in the bangs, with some dripping on the front. I rinsed it, so hopefully there won’t be any seepage. Her hair is also kinked from being stuck in the box, and it’s supposed to be straight, so that’s a little frustrating to me. Also, Mattel did nothing to even out her haircut, so in the back it’s all different lengths, like it’s fresh of the hair-ing machine. The bangs are the worst offender in this respect, when I wet them to wash off the glue, it’s a mess of different length pieces.

Monster High Draculaura Budget Doll
Monster High Draculaura Budget Doll, Back of Box

I know some people like to see the back of the box with the info, so here you have it! Her “How Do You Boo?” doesn’t make a lot of sense. How would flying above other help you see the good in them? A pun about being able to “see the big picture” would make more sense. Also, I think Mattel has an opportunity for some pastel goth cuteness with Draculaura, and I need that to happen.

Frankie Stein, Budget Doll

Monster High Frankie Stein Budget Doll in Box
Monster High Frankie Stein Budget Doll in Box

Frankie’s in-box photo is a little yellow since I was battling sunset to get these photos. Frankie comes with stitch and logo one-shoulder dress, yellow bracelet, bolt earrings (one blue, one yellow), and yellow bolt-heeled booties. Her signature stitch marks are molded into her skin as raised marks. Also, and this is just crazy, her head is huge. Significantly larger than the reboot Draculaura and way bigger than original Frankie. It’s kind of freaky, actually, I’m finding it disconcerting.

Monster High Frankie Stein Budget Doll
Monster High Frankie Stein Budget Doll

Unlike Draculaura, Frankie has a very notable paint flaw: one side of her top lip is lower than the other. She also has these odd, golden brown eyebrows. What? I know she’s supposed to be an assemblage of parts, but the eyebrows look very out of place for me. I only have two Frankies (Sweet Screams and Haunt the Casbah), but searching for other Frankie dolls online leads me to believe that these eyebrows are some of the lightest. Her hair is very soft with no glue, which is great, but it has the same super unevenness that Draculaura has, though it wasn’t dented by the box, happily enough. Speaking of the box, the art on the back shows Frankie with a blue streak in her hair, which would have been really cute, had they included it. Finally, reboot Frankie’s eye are huge, much larger than Draculaura’s, so if you like the big eyes look, you’re in luck.

Monster High Frankie Stein Budget Doll
Monster High Frankie Stein Budget Doll, Back of Box

Here is the back of Frankie’s box for those who like the info. I find her “How Do You Boo?” to be a little generic.

Final Thoughts

I need to photograph Draculaura and Frankie again with their pre-reboot counterparts so you can see a side-by-side comparison.

On the whole I like Draculaura’s reboot face a lot, it’s not as severe as I thought, and if it’s just a mild adjustment to the doll line, I can deal. Frankie, on the other hand, does not work for me, but I have to admit that I wasn’t much of a Frankie fan to begin with. These budget dolls really are budget quality though, I will say that, so proceed with caution when buying them online because I have no idea what will show up. If you’re interested, budget Cleo de Nile is up on Amazon, though I won’t be getting her.

What are your thoughts on these two reboot Monster High dolls now that you’ve seen them? Are you going to pick them up or will you keep your money? If you already have them, are you seeing any paint flaws? I would love to hear from you in the comments!


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