Throwback Thursday: Doll House Photos Circa 2008

For today’s Throwback Thursday I’m throwing way back to 2008 when my doll house was a thriving locale called Chateau du Brigitte Jrs. populated by les Belles Demoiselles. For a while I was changing my doll house every month, and here’s how it looked in March 2008. I hope you enjoy.

My Doll House, 2008

My frosted pink Re-Ment fridge is accentuated by tiny photos of the Zombuki that I had printed. I’m very Re-Ment loyal so almost everything in my kitchen is that brand, with the exception of some Sanrio and other small miscellany that have worked their way in.

My Doll House, 2008

Bijoux and Panda-chan were, in 2008, the only residents of the Chateau, due in part to the fact that none of my dolls were small enough to stand inside. Some dolls could sit at the table, but they would take up a tremendous amount of room inside the Re-Ment house (one room). Above you can see Bijoux watching Miss Strawberry’s weather report with a cup of tea nearby, plus tissues, for when the day’s pollen count is announced.

My Doll House, 2008

In March 2008 Panda-chan, a Violetpi needle felt creation, was sitting in the kitchen sink. Panda-chan’s trademark is mischievous behavior, who knows what he is about to get up to, or has just finished doing.

My Doll House, 2008

The little shelf shown here is one of my favorite pieces, it still works itself in to what ever doll house I’m putting together, and it’s in my current doll house in 2016. Oddly versatile and cute, you’d think I’d remember the series it was from, but of course I don’t. I also really love this bowl of peaches, strange to say, especially because I don’t like peaches. Then again, American peaches really don’t look like this. What I like best about these mini peaches is that they are fuzzy and the scalloped bowl they’re in is a perennial favorite.

I hope you enjoyed my Throwback Thursday for this week!


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