Review: Barbie Complete Look Fashion Pack #2 – Floral Dress

Barbie Complete Look Fashion Pack #2
Barbie Complete Look Fashion Pack #2

Since I got my Barbie Fashionistas Va-Va-Violet I’ve wanted to do clothing reviews for the pieces I’ve picked up for her. Second in this series is Barbie Fashions Complete Look Fashion Pack #2. It has no official name, but it’s a floral print, knee-length dress with a pleated bottom skirt, and a mesh top above a sweetheart neckline. I got mine on Amazon because I couldn’t find it at local stores.

Barbie Complete Look Fashion Pack #2
Barbie Complete Look Fashion Pack #2

This set includes:

– Floral dress
– Pink purse with black chain
– Pink, floral, high heels (pointy feet)

The first thing to note about this dress is that there were significant changes made since the promotional photo (at the top) was taken. The shoes are completely different, and much cuter, with lots of floral accents, but they are for a pointy-foot Barbie which Vi is not. Additionally, the bottom of the dress appears shimmery in the promo photo, but as you can see in my photo above it is matte. The pleats on the skirt are cute and I like them, but they can be a bit tricky if you don’t pose them just right. You can see in the photo above that one of the pleats sort of “caved in” while I was trying to get her into the perfect pose (foiled!), this is because the dress is made out of a stiffer fabric.

I really like the dress overall, it has a very contemporary fashion vibe to it, high fashion at that, and at lot of Barbie clothes really aren’t high fashion. The purse I do not like at all, however, because it seems like an afterthought, something perhaps that was already designed and just tacked on to the set. I don’t know if the dress looks perfect on Vi, I’m finding her hair color is hard to coordinate with, but the dress is beautiful, and I’m happy that I got it. Even though I paid over retail I would buy it again in a second.

Barbie Complete Look Fashion Pack #2
Barbie Complete Look Fashion Pack #2

Quality is a big factor when buying doll clothes, and for $5-9 (depending on where you find it) this set is more than worth it for the dress alone. Here is my quality breakdown:

Floral dress – This dress is absolutely beautiful and very unique, it looks like a runway look, maybe from the McQueen junior line Q for example, or Ted Baker. The mesh top gives edge to the more old-fashioned sweetheart neckline and makes it current again. The fabric is stiff, to be sure, but it needs to be to keep its pleats; watch for unwanted pleats being created by the package. It has a velcro closure (the hallmark of all cheap doll clothing) and it’s quite snug on Vi, but does fit.

Pink purse with black chain – The whole purse is made out of flexible plastic, like most Barbie purses, and the pink part is translucent. It doesn’t open (which I really dislike and will bring up every time on principle) and the black chain has a “bend” molded into it as though a purse hanging from chair wouldn’t pull it taught. Like I said above, it seems tacked on, and doesn’t live up to how great the dress is.

– Pink, floral, high heels (pointy feet) – The shoes are really beautiful and fun (apologies for not including a photo). They are made out of semi-flexible material and, presumably, would look really nice with this outfit. I feel like neon pink shoes gives it a more youthful vibe, whereas black would feel classier.

Even though this Complete Look set doesn’t look perfect on Vi I still really love it and I’m very happy I added it to my collection.

What do you think of this set? Is it too much or just enough? I would love to hear from you in the comments!


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