Get the Look – Le Petit Prince x Alice and the Pirates

Get the Look is a series that I started on my old blog where I explore the real life versions of doll clothes. If you have any tips for Get the Look please leave a comment and I will happily give you credit for your assistance.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright is the parent company of Alice and the Pirates who lend their label to this Petit Prince themed doll collection. Almost every aspect of both Pullip The Fox’s and Pullip The Rose’s outfits have a real-world equivalent with the exception of the shoes and headpieces. For the Isul Petit Prince you can, amazingly enough, get his ostentatious jacket. Let’s go through the collection together!

The Fox, Pullip

Pullip Petit Prince Fox
Pullip – Petit Prince – The Fox

I’m starting with my favorite first. I absolutely love everything about The Fox’s outfit and, were I to Get the Look and wear a coordinating outfit, it would be this one. I might have to pick this lovely girl up for the outfit alone (anyone interested in a stock split, contact me).

Little Prince Etoile JSK

The dress that The Fox wears is “Little Prince – My Tiny Horoscope – Étoile JSK” (Étoile means “star” in French) in blue with the “Starry Sky Horoscope Blouse” in plum. The print is beautiful and translates very well into 1:6 scale. A plum (looks more mauve to me) blouse with a pastel blue romper sounds terrible on paper, but in person, it works. Apparently it’s one of those wacky color combinations that looks great.

Starry Sky Horoscope Print Tights

It’s hard to see in the promo photo, but The Fox also wears Starry Sky Horoscope Print Tights in blue. I really want these tights in miniature. They are calling to me.

To complete the look you would need some knee high tan lace up boots and a custom made (maybe) fox hat/caplet combo and you would be ready to rock The Fox look.

The Rose, Pullip

Pullip The Rose
Pullip – Petit Prince – The Rose

The Rose is also absolutely beautiful and her face up is very pretty in the close up photos I’ve been seeing. However, I really dislike burgundy hair, and I wouldn’t want to re-wig her, so that’s why I’m passing The Rose by for my collection. Her headpiece and shoes, like The Fox’s, are Groove creations, but the rest you can get.

Little Prince Rose JSK

The Rose is wearing Little Prince – My Tiny Horoscope – Rosé JSK which comes complete with beautiful and oddly-colored tulle ruffles. Again, I think the color risk pays off, and the Pullip version looks even better in my opinion. Admittedly, the Pullip version has awkward stitching around the bottom where the dress is cut into the triangle shapes, but it’s still a very unique and interesting piece. This photo shows it with the blouse that The Rose wears, but I cannot find the exact matching one. If you know where/what it is please let me know in the comments.

Starry Sky Horoscope Print Tights

Like The Fox, The Rose wears Starry Sky Horoscope Print Tights, but in pink, of course. These tights are also available in black and I’m so glad that they didn’t choose those to make for either Pullip since the pops of color are really nice.

Petit Prince, Isul

Isul Petit Prince
Isul – Petit Prince

Behold the Little Prince Milky Way Jacket. Since it is not available overseas (for them, so not available in the US) due to licensing issues, it seems to be the rarest of the items. Also it costs around $550 and is made to order so … I don’t think I am going to see anyone getting this look. Let me know if you do, I would be highly curious to see it.

So there you have it, a new edition of Get the Look brought to you by Alice and the Pirates Petit Prince themed collaboration with Groove. Which of these looks is your favorite? Would you wear any of them in real life? Let me know in the comments!


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