Monster High Fashion 2-Packs: Draculaura, Lagoona, Cleo, Spectra, Clawdeen, and Frankie

Images of upcoming Monster High fashion packs have been circulating around and I finally found some good pictures! Below there’s a little more info and my thoughts on these “new” offerings.

Monster High Fashion Pack
Monster High Fashion Pack: Draculaura and Lagoona Blue

You might be wondering why I put “new” in quotation marks up there and it’s because a lot (all?) of the fabric in these fashion packs is recycled from previous outfits. I need help placing the fabric that for the blue dress, but the pink dress is made using the Inner Monster Scared Silly add-on pack fabric (and that dress was cuter). I am currently feeling zero percent excited about fashion packs that are just recycled fabrics, but I still wanted to put these out there for you all to see and comment upon.

Draculaura’s set comes with: pink bow headband, sky blue shoes, pink heart purse, black pants, and scared silly pink logo dress.

Lagoona’s set comes with: blue and orange dress, blue pants, clamshell purse (her Monster Exchange purse but in a different color), and sea green shoes.

Monster High Fashion Pack
Monster High Fashion Pack: Cleo De Nile and Spectra Vondergeist

Next up is a Cleo and Spectra 2-pack.

Cleo’s set comes with: teal shoes, scarab purse, gold necklace, and striped dress whose fabric looks a lot like her I Heart Fashion dress.

Spectra set comes with: purple necklace, pastel tank (Twyla’s Haunted doll fabric), metallic pink skirt, magenta shoes, and inexplicable blue and silver purse.

Monster High Fashion 2-Pack
Monster High Fashion Pack: Clawdeen Wolf and Frankie Stein

Update! This new Clawdeen Wolf and Frankie Stein Fashion 2-Pack promo photo just surfaced so I’m adding it here rather than making a new post for it.

Clawdeen’s set come with a lime green graffiti-esque dress, lime green shoes, and a purple purse.

Frankie’s set comes with a blue and white patterned dress, blue shoes, blue sunglasses, and a yellow and silver safety pin purse that I am in love with. The gold cuff and belt don’t seem to go particularly well with either outfit, and they seem more like Cleo’s vibe anyway. Speaking of, if you click on the image and view Frankie’s dress larger, the skirt pattern seems to be vaguely Egyptian. Frankie de Nile, perhaps?


At first I was excited at the prospect of getting some new Monster High fashion packs but, I believe, everything here is just recycled. It’s hard to get excited when you know what you’re going to get is what you already have but cut into a slightly different shape or molded out of a different color of plastic. I’m not sure what Mattel is thinking on this one, but it’s not something I’m going to open my wallet for.

What are your thoughts on these fashion packs? Will you be getting any of them? Do you think they’re too derivative? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

via All About Monster High

Update 6/7/16: Added information about the Clawdeen/Frankie 2-pack.



  1. The reused fabrics don’t bother me, but the subpar designs definitely do. Especially when we’ve seen the kind of designs they can do with the old Operetta and Frankie fashion packs! I might get Cleo’s, but that’s the only one I have any real interest in.

    Hopefully if these sell well we might see some more inventive ones in the future though. Really, it’d be better in general if they did clothes that weren’t character specific.

    • I would definitely agree that having “general” clothing packs would make a lot of sense. They sort of painted themselves into a corner by having “big” and “little” sister bodies though. I also think that the lack of interesting design is, by far, the biggest issue. Thank you for your thoughtful comment!

  2. (I know this reaction comes kinda late, but) the fabric they used for the dress for Lagoona was originally used for Picture Day Lagoona’s outfit 🙂
    The concept of reusing would normally not bother me much, as there are several accessories and shoes I love and would love in another colour, nor would plain, basic items, as those are great for combining with other items, but the level of recycling is amazing here – and not in an impressive way :S There is not a single item in these packs that is original, all the shoes and accessories seem to be recolorations of previous items (and without any painted detail the previous versions included), and the fabrics used were also all used before. The latter is especially bad IMHO because in some cases (like the Frankie pack, as you pointed out) they didn’t even seem to care about that the style does not even match the doll for whom the fashion pack was “designed”. They almost make me think they just gathered all that’s left and then randomly sewn them together. It reminds me of the section of Howleen’s diary when she says that Clawdeen thinks she dresses like she’s dressed in the dark, not seeing what she puts on 😛 Too bad, because everyone was waiting for new fashion packs for a long time now…

    I also was excited to hear new FPs are coming out, but seeing the actual pics I’m no longer that excited… I might get some for the shoes (there I can at least add painted details), but not before they go on clearance or a super sale, because in general I’m also not impressed with the colour range they have used either…

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