New Pullip Release: Super Sailor Moon (August 2016)

As much as I love Sailor Moon and Pullips I don’t own a single Sailor Moon Pullip. How can this be? The newly announced Super Sailor Moon is the 20th doll in this line, so let’s see if she can change my mind. Read my thoughts below or scroll all the way down for pre-order links and a gallery.

Pullip Super Sailor Moon

I hate to say it, but my gut reaction to this doll is disappointment. Retailing dangerously close to $200, I just don’t feel like the quality is high enough when a Barbie at the same price would be five times higher quality. The vinyl boots make no sense, why are they not made out of plastic? For $200 (after shipping) why don’t we get swappable gloved forearms instead of the oven mitts they cannot stop making? Why do her hair buns look so cheap when the doll costs so much? Does she even have accessories?

Pullip Super Sailor Moon

I know I’m sounding negative, but the truth is that I want to love this doll, I really do, since the whole series is a dream collaboration for me. I will grant them that the strongest part of the doll is the most important: the face-up. Super Sailor Moon’s face is very sweet, if not a bit plain, with really great eye chips. The eye chips are the best part of this doll in my opinion, the heart and lines (complete with crescent) are both dynamic and cute. But the face itself looks pretty bland and not different enough from the other two Sailor Moon releases to warrant a new purchase. I think this doll will only be for the most dedicated of the Sailor Moon Pullip collectors, or those who missed the first release entirely.

Pullip Super Sailor Moon

Also, can we talk about this wig? I already called it cheap, but look at the back of it. There’s a weird combover (combdown?) thing going on that looks 1) nothing like hair people or manga/anime characters have and 2) cheap, cheap, cheap. If I had this doll I would have to re-wig her, it would drive me crazy. I am just flabbergasted by this wig. I cannot.

The bow is adorable though.

Pullip Super Sailor Moon Premium Bandai Version

Like the original Sailor Moon Pullip release, this release has a Premium Bandai version that includes plain clothes. This outfit is way better than the awkward vinyl standard release outfit. That being said, the price increase is steep, it’s about $70 USD extra for this version, and I will stand firm on this outfit not being worth $70.


It’s not going to surprise you that I’m passing on this Pullip release and, to be honest, I think it’s not at all worth the price. What do you think of her, Moonies? Do you need her because Sailor Moon? Are you going to pass on this Pullip doll? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


AmiAmi 18,700 JPY (approximately $170 USD)
Hobby Search 20,900 JPY (approximately $190 USD)
Premium Bandai 27,000 JPY (approximately $245 USD)
* If you have a better pre-order price or a US shop please leave a comment with a link!


via Groove Blog and Sailor Moon Collectibles


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