Review: Ever After High Birthday Ball Cedar Wood

A few weeks ago I posted about the Ever After High Birthday Ball series of dolls and mentioned that I had picked up the two existing dolls in the series: Cedar Wood and Rosabella Beauty. I got both of these dolls at my local Target. Below are my photos and review of Birthday Ball Cedar Wood.

Ever After High Birthday Ball Cedar Wood

Cedar Wood (I always want to write it as Cedar Woods, plural) is the daughter of Pinocchio. For the Birthday Ball she has been given an “orange pastry” that will give her a dress, and make over, presumably. The box has both her invitation and RSVP cards printed on the back.

It’s hard to see in these pictures, but her hair is a mix of coral and a pinkish-lavender. There is copper colored tinsel, but it’s not throughout all of her hair, it’s just in the front and where her hair is visible behind her neck. Cedar’s hair is incredibly soft and beautiful; there is one spot where it got damaged, but it can’t seen seen when she’s on display. Her hair is also all different lengths at the bottom, like the Monster High reboot dolls, which, I think, cheapens the doll. The entire doll is scented, not just the clothes, with a sweet and vaguely-orangey smell. It reminds me of my childhood toys in the 80s in the best possible way.

Her makeup is lavender, light pink, and coral. The face on my Cedar Wood doll doesn’t have any major paint issues, but one eyebrow is slightly higher than the other. The lips look a little light in person, they could have gone a shade darker, but it photographs nicely. Speaking of Cedar’s face, I think one of the coolest things about her is that her entire body is molded woodgrain. Cedar has texture all around her face, but you can’t really see it. I would love to see more woodgrain on her forehead and cheeks; this is a minor concern though, of course.

Ever After High Birthday Ball Cedar Wood

Cedar’s Birthday Ball dress is one piece with a velcro closure. The neck is square shaped, which is covered by her necklace. The dress is coral, white, peach, and lavender with lavender tulle trimmed with gold thread. The peplum has glitter in it as well, but the caps on the sleeves do not. The bottom of the dress has been cut into a scallop pattern, which is super cute. The print on the skirt is vaguely woodsy, and the top has random swirls, some of which look like leaves. The skirt is made of a stiffer material than the top so it “poofs” out without a petticoat. She has no underwear, because none of the EAH dolls do, but it’s odd to me. On the whole I love the dress, it’s a little elaborate and very fun with lots of details to take in.

For accessories she has a gold necklace with lavender bow, a gold rope belt with gold bow, and a pink bow headband. I love both of the gold pieces, but some of the lavender paint on the bow has been chipped off of mine, and there’s no lavender paint underneath. It would have been nice if they put a touch more effort into the quality control just in general. No complaints about the gold rope belt aside from the fact that the closure is a little awkward. The pink bow headband is nice, if not a little simple, but it goes well with her theme.

Ever After High Birthday Ball Cedar Wood

Cedar’s other accessories are coral and pink present box purse with bow, a gold brush, and a gold stand (not pictured). The purse doesn’t open, which is a pet peeve of mine, and the bottom is hollow. It would have been nice to have a working purse for her when it would have been a relatively simple to design to make.

A lot of people are stressing over new EAH and Monster High doll releases not having stands, and I completely agree. For display outside of the box, a stand is essential; these dolls cannot stand on their own, and if you have them sitting, you can see up their (always) very short dresses. There are no underwear underneath, just molded underwear the same color as their plastic, so it looks like you’re being flashed by your doll collection. Most doll collectors don’t want that … I hope. Moving on!

Ever After High Birthday Ball Cedar Wood

Cedar’s shoes are peach and lavender and very elaborate. They have a rococo vibe to them that a lot of this series dolls seem to have touches of, which works wonderfully for a “ball” theme. The paint isn’t perfect on these either, but it’s less noticeable than on the necklace.

Ever After High Birthday Ball Cedar Wood

The art on the back of her box is super cute, but because of the way the box is punched, there’s really no removing it. I would love if the Ever After High dolls came with little trading cards like Pullips do, but that’s probably not going to happen when Mattel seems to be moving toward less accessories rather than more.


Overall, I’m very happy with Birthday Ball Cedar Wood, the tinsel and scent remind me of the 80s, and I think she’s a beautiful release with a really fun design. Her hair is my favorite part with her outfit a very close second.

What do you all think of Cedar Wood? Will you be picking up this Birthday Ball girl? If you already have her I would love to hear your thoughts, too. Let me know in the comments!



  1. I’m a little torn on the Birthday Ball girls honestly. I love the pastel hair, but I also feel like the outfits are a little simple for my taste. I like when they really put on the ritzy dresses for parties, like Thronecoming haha. 🙂

    • I like the outfits on Cedar and Rosabella more than the second wave, I think the second wave dolls are a little too simple. The shoes are pretty neat though!

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