Review: Ever After High Birthday Ball Rosabella Beauty

A few weeks ago I posted about the Ever After High Birthday Ball series of dolls and mentioned that I had picked up the two existing dolls in the series: Cedar Wood and Rosabella Beauty. I got mine at Target, but they are still widely available at toy stories and online. Below are my photos and review of Birthday Ball Rosabella Beauty.

Ever After High Birthday Ball Rosabella Beauty

Before I start, I apologize for how dim these photos are, yellow has always been tricky for me to photograph. Rest assured that she isn’t slightly blue in person.

For the Birthday Ball Rosabella has been given a “sugar cookie” that will give her a dress, but also changes how she looks and smells. Magic! The box has both her invitation and RSVP cards printed on the back.

Rosabella’s hair is a lemon platinum blond with iridescent tinsel. Like Cedar, the tinsel is not throughout, for Rosabella it’s only on the top of her head. Her hair is very soft and, aside from needing a bit of restyle after being trapped in the box, is very nice. Unlike Cedar it looks like Rosabella received a proper haircut before leaving the factory. Kudos. The whole doll is scented, not just the clothes, and while I do get “sweet,” my nose isn’t placing it as “sugar cookie.” It is pleasant though, and not overpowering. Cedar and Rosabella do have distinct smells though, which looks weird when I type it, but you know what I mean.

Rosabella’s makeup is subtle, brown and light yellow around the eyes and mauve lips, which go well with her tanned skin tone. My Rosabella, while free of paint issues, does have body issues. Her right arm (my left) doesn’t go all the way down, meaning it can’t sit flush against the body. This happens with EAH and Monster High dolls not infrequently, maybe one out of ten, but I’m not fond of it. Because of the defect, the right arm has become her purse holding arm. There’s also a little extra plastic on both upper arms where they join with the elbow, which looks a little sloppy. You can see the extra plastic on the raised arm in the photo below.

Ever After High Birthday Ball Rosabella Beauty

Rosabella’s Birthday Ball dress is one piece with a velcro closure. It has a scoop neckline, which is covered by her necklace. The dress is light yellow, pink, and white with yellow tulle sleeves trimmed with gold thread and pink tulle on the skirt. The pink tulle at the bottom of her dress doesn’t have glitter, but it adds a nice touch, and looks better out of the box than in the photo above. The print on the bottom of her dress is rose-themed, which is really perfect for her, and the top of her dress has three pink bows linked by beads. The top looks a little cheap compared to the bottom, but on the whole I think it’s a really lovely dress.

For her accessory she has a gold necklace with pink dots. The pink paint looks okay, but not great. Rosabella also has a pink floral headband with gold macarons and bows. Considering the Birthday Ball series is flavored with French rococo I think this accessory is perfect. Because she comes with glasses she doesn’t have the third accessory that Cedar did.

Ever After High Birthday Ball Rosabella Beauty

The other accessories that Rosabella comes with are her trademark glasses and a purse. The glasses are pearl white with gold floral accents that are very cute. That one of the EAH girls has glasses moves her up in my personal rankings. The purse is a pile of pink flowers in a yellow box and … IT OPENS! You all know that my “thing” is doll purses that open and this one does, you just pop the flowers off (it comes completely off the box) and it’s a working purse. Finally!

A gold brush and gold stand are also included, and I already ranted about doll stands in my Cedar review, so I’ll skip it this time (lucky you). The key shaped brushes are cute, but I really prefer flat brushes, which are really combs, I suppose. Regardless, combs work better if you’re brushing doll hair. Listen to me, Mattel!

Ever After High Birthday Ball Rosabella Beauty

Rosabella’s shoes are light yellow with gold accents and they are super elaborate with a cuff/ruffle (cuff ruffle?) added above the heel, which also has bows. The design is 360 which I didn’t expect and do like, but the cuff is pulling away from the ankle and leaving an ugly gap, which I don’t like. The EAH and MH designers don’t seem to have figured out how to make an elaborate shoe that also still fits on the doll, and sacrificing functionality to design doesn’t sit well with me. If these shoes actually stayed put I would like them even more. High marks for design though, especially the fleur de lis on the front because, as I’ve said, rococo crazy in a good way.

Ever After High Birthday Ball Rosabella Beauty

The art on the back of her box is cute, as always, but the drawing doesn’t really look like the doll. If you’ve watched How I Met Your Mother you will get this: Rosabella’s art is like The Captain, smiling with the mouth, but the eyes want to murder you.


Overall, I’m quite pleased with Birthday Ball Rosabella Beauty, I like some things about her more than BB Cedar Wood, though some things I like less. She’s my first Rosabella, which is saying something, and I still have very high hopes for this series. I will start getting the “budget” line Birthday Ball dolls next, so look forward to those reviews soon!

What do you all think of Rosabella Beauty? Will you be picking up this Birthday Ball girl? If you already have her I would love to hear your thoughts, too. Let me know in the comments!


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