Doll Haul: Monster High Haunted Draculaura, Twyla, and Clawdeen Dolls

Doll Haul meets Throwback Thursday today as I look back at some of the dolls that started my Monster High collection last summer: Haunted series Draculaura, Twyla Boogeyman, and Clawdeen Wolf. Below is my original post, updated with more information. Click any of the photos to view them larger.

Monster High Haunted Draculaura Doll
Monster High – Haunted Series – Draculaura Doll

While I was at the store I saw the Monster High Haunted series and decided that I needed all three of the basic dolls (as one does). Above is Getting Ghostly Draculaura who has translucent pink skin. All of the Haunted dolls have the band of spray across their eyes which is really pretty. I normally buy things online, but it looks like Monster High is similar to Lalaloopsy in that you really need to shop in person because some of the dolls had really light spray and some had very dark spray. Looking back I think I would have preferred slightly lighter spray. Her dress is primarily pink and has translucent pink “bat wings” that slip over the forearms. You have to remove the hands to get it on and off, but it’s really clever. Draculaura has silver bat-themed set of chains that cover her shoulders; the piece is a little bulky so it doesn’t sit quite right, but I love the chains in general.

Monster High - Haunted Series - Twyla Boogeyman Doll
Monster High – Haunted Series – Twyla Boogeyman Doll

Next up is Getting Ghostly Twyla; I absolutely love lavender and mint together so I was super excited when I saw this doll. There was one in Target (where I finally found all three of the “basic” Haunted dolls together) that had pretty extreme wonk eye. I should have taken a photo, but there was a guy next to be doing inventory and it was making me nervous. I think I had a flashback to my doll photography days when people would plant themselves near me to shout really annoying questions that were thinly veiled attempts to make me justify photographing dolls in public. Twyla has lavender skin, but it’s not really translucent, and has mint pearl spray over her eyes. Her dress is super cute and she wears a knotted silver chain “bow” belt, my favorite of the chain accessories. Of the series she’s still my absolute favorite.

Monster High - Haunted Series - Clawdeen Wolf Doll
Monster High – Haunted Series – Clawdeen Wolf Doll

Last but not least in the Haunted series I bought: Getting Ghostly Clawdeen Wolf. In general I’m not drawn to Clawdeen, but her translucent skin looked really cool, and I wanted to have all of the basic Haunted dolls together. She has a pearl orchid purple band across her eyes that’s very subtle. I am a huge fan of her chain accessories, which have a lot of little crescent moon shaped accents. They’re pliable and the waist chains have little snaps while the shoulder chains work like a shrug. Clawdeen has my least favorite dress of the three because it’s so simple, but she easily has the best shoes (I know you can’t see them, take my word for it). Her hair is a purple/lavender mix and it’s very soft and shiny. All three dolls also have these great jelly blue molded chain stands that allow them to “float” when they’re displayed, a really great touch.

Originally published June 14, 2015


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