New Monster High Complete Look Fashion Packs and Accessory Packs Revealed

It looks like Mattel is taking a cue from it’s Barbie line and releasing Complete Look Fashion Packs, as well as new Accessory Packs, for Monster High dolls. Let’s peruse them together, shall we? Also, please note that these were found online at a site that never gives credit, so I don’t credit them. If you know a legit source of these Mattel promo photos, please let me know.


Monster High Complete Look Fashion Pack Draculaura 1

Draculaura has two fashion packs revealed as well as an accessory pack. Draculaura Complete Look Fashion Pack #1 is above. It comes with a pink, blue, and black sundress, black necklace, blue shoes, pink lip purse, and blue sunglasses. I’m not sure from the angle, but the blue sunglasses might be in a bow shape, which would be pretty neat. The shoes are also interesting; they seem very straight forward, but it looks like the details in the heel might be punched all the way through.

Monster High Complete Look Fashion Pack Draculaura 2

Next is Draculaura Complete Look Fashion Pack #2 which has a pink, yellow, and black paint splatter dress with a blue bow as it’s main piece, alongside blue chain shoes, a blue belt, pink tentacle bracelet, and pink melting heart purse. The melting heart purse is Draculaura’s purse from her Sweet Screams set, only not painted. I believe the shoes are C.A. Cupid’s, as well. The dress I actually like because it’s fun and I think it would look cute on, so I will probably pick it up. The belt I don’t like at all and the cuff I’m lukewarm on since it’s identical to one that came with her Sweet Screams doll.

Monster High Draculaura Accessory Pack

Draculaura also has a new accessory pack coming out, the theme of which appears to be roller skating with headphones on. It comes with a black bat “fanny pack” belt, pink winged Monster HiPod, yellow winged sunglasses, and pink and yellow roller skates. It’s a little odd that they chose this theme considering that they already did Skultimate Roller Maze, but they certainly didn’t ask me. I’ve always loved dolls in roller skates, so I’m not complaining, but I probably won’t pick up this set, either.

Frankie Stein

Monster High Complete Look Fashion Pack Frankie Stein 1

While I found this set labeled as Frankie Stein Complete Look Fashion Pack #1, it actually looks very similar to Draculaura’s packs, to me. The plaid is always reserved for Frankie, however, so I’m assuming it’s correct to associate them. This pack comes with overall skirt, logo top, silver shoes, silver chain necklace, blue purse, and yellow sunglasses. I like the shoes in this set, but that’s about it. I know I’ve seen that necklace somewhere before. Wait, I just remembered, it’s the necklace from Spectra’s half of the Spectra/Cleo Fashion 2-Pack. Why would Monster High have two identical necklaces in two different colors in two Fashion Packs at the same time?

Monster High Complete Look Fashion Pack Frankie Stein 2

Frankie Stein Complete Look Fashion Pack #2 comes with blue stitch dress, yellow purse, silver bolt shoes, silver necklace, and yellow sunglasses. That necklace is, again, super familiar, but I can’t place it. The purse looks really cheap, but the dress is cute, and the bolt shoes are great (they are a recolor of her Picnic Casket shoes).

Monster High Frankie Stein Accessory Pack

Frankie is also getting an Accessory Pack and it’s movie theater themed, which is pretty cute, aside from the popcorn being red. Is it blood popcorn? I’m at a loss to understand their color choice. The “drink” really needs to be painted, but the 3D glasses are super cute and I like the shoes as well. For me, this pack is a maybe.

Clawdeen Wolf

Monster High Complete Look Fashion Pack Clawdeen Wolf 1

So far, the rest of the ghouls here only have one fashion pack. Clawdeen’s Complete Look Fashion Pack comes with gold purse, purple zipper themed dress, gold bracelet, black sunglasses, and lime green shoes. The purple and green theme is a standard color palette for Claween, which I like, but I don’t like the addition of the gold. The heeled sneakers are very “her” as well and are cute. I’m not a big Clawdeen fan in general though, so I’ll be passing on this set.

Cleo de Nile

Monster High Complete Look Fashion Pack Cleo de Nile 1

I always assumed that, being Egyptian themed, Cleo’s stock colors would always be gold and blue. However, her Complete Look Fashion Pack has red as the accent color, which I don’t really like. Cleo’s pack comes with a yellow and black mummy dress, red purse, red sunglasses, gold shoes, and a gold necklace. The star of the outfit is the very strange gold shoes, they might make it worth getting the set.

Lagoona Blue

Monster High Complete Look Fashion Pack Lagoona Blue 1

Lagoona is one of my favorite ghouls, but her Complete Look Fashion Pack feels a little bland to me. She comes with a turquoise, pink, and black dress, alongside a pink bubble necklace, pink shoes, a turquoise belt, and a coral purse. These are too many colors going on here and it looks to be a little much. The “wrap around the ankle” shoes always end of being wonky for me, too, though I really like the necklace.

Spectra Vondergeist

Monster High Complete Look Fashion Pack Spectra Vondergeist 1

Last but not least is Spectra’s Complete Look Fashion Pack, which is chain themed. It includes a purple chain dress with tulle accents, silver chain shoes, a triangle chain belt, blue chain necklace, and I think that purple blob to the right is a purse, I have no idea. The blue looks really out of place, but aside from that, this is my favorite set. The dress doesn’t feel cheap, which is a big plus. Serious though, is that a purse? It looks melted.


I’m feeling torn about these because I think it’s great that Mattel wants to fill a hole in the market and start making Monster High clothing. However, a lot of the pieces are just from other doll releases in other colors, which feels very cheap. It has the attitude of “well these aren’t going to be expensive, so let’s not put too much work into them,” which is bad.

That being said I do plan on getting Draculaura’s Pack #2 and Spectra’s Pack. I hope they come out with a Rochelle Pack and Twayla Pack as well. Don’t neglect them! Clothes for mansters are also really needed.

What do you all think of these new Fashion Packs? Are they too derivative or badly needed? Which, if any, will you be getting? Can you spot re-colors of accessories from other releases? I would love to hear from you in the comments and thanks for reading!



  1. Honestly, I don’t think a single pair of shoes is new haha. I like the shoes they chose though, so I’m not complaining. Especially happy that I’ll be able to get MH Cupid’s shoes so that I can get a cheap pair to repaint for my Cupid!

    I’m probably going to get a hold of both of Draculaura’s fashion packs (though I’ll definitely get rid of those odd plastic straps on the first dress) and Frankie’s first fashion pack. Even though it’s really plain, I really like the skullette T-shirt in Frankie’s pack. I want more clothes I can dress my girls down with, especially because I can’t even seem to find simple T-shirts for them by custom clothes shops on Etsy.

    I definitely would appreciate more effort in these packs, but I’m happy we have them and hoping they improve the packs in the future if they sell well.

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