Thoughts on the 2016 Monster High Reboot

Monster High Reboot: Draculaura

I must confess I’ve been mulling over how I feel about Monster High’s 2016 reboot since it was announced back in December 2015 and I am just figuring out how I feel about it now. The whole community reacted strongly. My gut reaction in December was that I hated it and was going to stop collecting Monster High dolls as soon as the new faces came out.

Then again, I had been mulling over ending my collection anyway since I couldn’t find an Isi Dawndancer without insane eye wonk or basically any other Monster High doll without glue seeping out of her head (three 13 Wishes Twyla dolls before I threw in the towel). Now, having gone four months without a single new Monster High doll on my shelves, I have to confess that I’m warming up to the reboot. I may even be for it.

Monster High Reboot: Frankie

A lot of the reaction against the new faces seem to be centered around a hatred of Barbie (another Mattel doll line, by the way, so same company). Ironically, I gave Barbie another chance because I wanted a new doll to collect once I was done with Monster High. Now, the new, sweeter face of Monster High has started to appeal to me.

This may be because I collect the dolls in isolation from the rest of the Monster High franchise. I have no interest in ever seeing a Monster High movie, for example, and couldn’t care less about which characters are dating. From that perspective, I see them differently, because I  have no attachment to a persona outside of the doll design itself.

Speaking of Barbie, had they never done their Fashionistas pseudo-reboot, I never would have collected them either, and maybe the Monster High reboot is exactly that I need to rekindle my waning interest in the Monster High doll series.

I know a lot of people will be walking away from Monster High dolls after the reboot this summer, but I think the number may be fewer than originally anticipated. I will be reserving my final judgement until more of the dolls themselves come out, but for now I am willing to give the reboot a chance.

What are your thoughts on the Monster High 2016 reboot? Are you willing to give the new face a chance or are you firmly against the redesign? Let me know in the comments!



  1. I can copy your words! I started hating the reboot, but now I think I like it. I collected the dolls in the same way as you: isolated from the rest of the MH universe. To me, the MH dolls are not just toys, they are pieces of pop-art. I didn’t like the original MH universe, but I saw the new movie and I loved it. Moanica is an impressive doll with a lot of personality, and the Shriek Wrecked like is at the level of the best pre-reboot MH lines. 2017 will be an interesting year for MH. What can kill MH is not the reboot, it can be the lack of creativity and true effort from Mattel.

  2. By the way, the glue head syndrome can be fixed. Keep the dolls in a cool environment, but also: mix baking soda and potato starch, our into the head (a lot of it, fill it up almost), brush the hair that is sticky and icky with the same mixture, it does give it greyish tone, but believe me, it’s a small price for it! Once you have it feeling a lot less sticky, you can shake the excess off and brush it (bamboo brush, thick brush, like cat’s brush) and BOOM. Prettee good.

  3. me im not really into the new mh they look so boring and those pre posed bodies? god! i hated those pre posed bodies! even with barbie i hate their pre posed bodies and no makeup facee!!!! then their shoes! the old mh designs for shoes never looked so fierce and epic the reboot for their shoes they all look the same!!!!! i have so much to say when it comes to the new mh reboot! i just hated it! the last line that i had was boo york and shriek wreck draculaura. even eah dolls are starting to go with the same direction with mh.

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