New Pullip x Angelic Pretty Release: Marie (September 2016)

A new Groove x Angelic Pretty Pullip doll has been announced and scheduled for release in September. Scroll all the way down for the full gallery and pre-order links or keep reading for my thoughts.

Angelic Pretty Collaboration Pullip Marie

My gut reaction to Pullip Marie is that, while I do like her, she’s not really my style, per say. I generally look forward to these collaboration dolls and I love the French rococo influence, but she’s just not 100% me. The shoes look really wrong for the doll and kind of tacky, though I do think her face-up is particularly nice.

Angelic Pretty Collaboration Pullip Marie

I always like dolls with ringlets, so of course my first impression of her hair was very favorable, until I saw her without the headpiece. The wig is just … strange. What it going on up there?

Angelic Pretty Collaboration Pullip Marie

Marie looks to have a medium complexion, simple brown eyes, brown eyeshadow, lots of feathery brown lashes, and dark “natural” lips. Her expression is very serene to me. Even though I know a lot of people won’t like the lips, I think they will look more subtle in person. Like always, I’m curious about the eyebrows.

Angelic Pretty Collaboration Pullip Marie

Her dress is in a quasi-rococo style (too short to be true rococo) in light blue, baby pink, white, and gold. The bows and trim are all nice details, but the pom pom cuffs just look out of place. The dress is nice, but again, it’s just not my style. She would look nice with the Pullip furniture set (Petit Luxury) from way back when.


While I like Pullip Marie, I don’t love her, and I won’t be picking her up. That being said, I would love to hear your thoughts on this doll in the comments! Are you planning on adding her to your collection? Let me know what you think.


AmiAmi 18,100 JPY
Hobby Search 19,000 JPY



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