New Pullip Release: Bonnie (September 2016)

Alongside the Angelic Pretty Pullip Marie, Groove has announced another Pullip release for September 2016: Bonnie. Scroll all the way down for the full gallery and pre-order links or keep reading for my thoughts.

Pullip Bonnie

My first reaction to Bonnie is that she makes me think a bit more of the older releases, but I think that’s just because there have been so many collaboration dolls lately. Like always, I’m a fan of ringlets, and I like the hair color, which is very similar (or the same as) veryBerryPOP’s. The pink color scheme is a bit done, but the dress is feminine and cute … though I have to say my thoughts on her have been really changed by the, shall we say, rest of her outfit.

Pullip Bonnie

Bonnie appears to have a light medium complexion, dark brown black eyes, brown pink (mauve) eyeshadow, brown lashes, and light medium mauve “natural” lips. Her expression is very sweet and I like that we can see the eyebrows in her promo photos. Her eyes and eyelashes are my favorite part of her face-up and I think they are particularly pretty.

Pullip Bonnie

Her outfit is a pink strapless dress with ruffle skirt and bow accent, pink elbow length gloves, pink bow choker, simple white pumps, and a bunny ear pink bow headband. Bonnie also comes with a pink plush bunny that has some very odd eyes. Personally, I think Marie’s shoes would look much better on Bonnie. There are some things that seemed odd to me when I viewed Bonnie for the first time – the bunny/Bonnie theme, the bow choker, the elbow gloves – they all seemed to be referencing something …

Pullip Bonnie

Then it became obvious: Bonnie is a Playboy bunny. Ick. As I scrolled through the photos I was completely blindsided by the pictures revealing Bonnie to be wearing lingerie under her dress, which includes an awkward, stocking-less garter belt no less. Now the gloves and (Chippendale style) choker make sense. Even her name, Bonnie, is meant to reference “bunny,” and if you weren’t smart enough to figure it out, they have her holding a a bunny and wearing bunny ears, just to make sure.

Bonnie is third in the “sexual Pullips” line (after Aira and Myra) I have to say that I am not a fan of it on a conceptual level alone. This Groove release, to me, is the exact opposite of where dolls should be headed, the opposite of Presidential Candidate Barbie, and I hope that they don’t make another like her in the future.


In conclusion, no. Honestly, the doll community has to fight so hard against the assumption that we are all perverts and weirdos that the last thing I want to see is the Groove doll line edging toward cast-off-able status. That being said, I would love to hear your thoughts on this doll in the comments, even if you would like to vehemently disagree with me. Let’s debate! Are you planning on adding her to your collection? Or do you think Bonnie should keep her 1/6th scale clothes on? Let me know what you think below.


AmiAmi 16,300 JPY
Hobby Search 17,100 JPY



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