New Pullip x Sailor Moon Release: Mistress 9 (September 2016)

The Sailor Moon Groove doll series continues to grow with the addition of Mistress 9, Hotaru’s evil, adult counterpart. What will be next? I have my fingers crossed for Iron Mouse or Galaxia. Read my thoughts below or scroll all the way down for pre-order links and a gallery.

Pullip Doll Mistress 9

As with Super Sailor Moon, I am not exceptionally excited for the continuation of the Sailor Moon Pullip series. What once was a dream collaboration has become a series of extremely expensive releases that seem to be below par in quality. I have a $100 Barbie that is destroying the quality on my Pullips, so for $200 this doll better be amazing. Instead, Mistress 9 is a very basic release with a simple outfit and barely any accessories. She could easily come with Hotaru’s star seed or the Holy Grail, just off the top of my head. Instead, she appears to come with nothing aside from earrings.

Pullip Doll Mistress 9

One thing that I do love about the Mistress 9 Pullip is her lip color, it’s a beautiful lavender and very unique. The Pullip of Black Lady had the black upside down crescent moon on her forehead, but Mistress 9 seems to be missing her corresponding black star. Mistress 9’s face up is basic, but clean and quite pretty. Her eyes are black and very dark purple with white accents and she has bold line details around her eyes with fewer lashes. The wig is long and black with chunky bangs that I assume are styled with glue. She is a very pretty Pullip release though.

Pullip Doll Mistress 9

Mistress 9’s outfit is a long (I’m assuming) dress that has a black skirt and indigo top with faux pearl details. Like Pullip Wonder Woman’s star, Mistress 9’s “pearls” are looking very craft store to me. Mistress 9 also has faux pearl earrings and shoes, I assume, but they aren’t in any of the promo photos.

Pullip Doll Mistress 9 Premium Bandai Version

If you hate having money, this release has a Premium Bandai version that includes … a fold out background. I mean, it’s barely tall enough to photograph the doll against and adds $40+ to the cost, but hey, you might be the most dedicated Moonie ever and need it. I don’t know. I think Bandai is either nuts or thinks we are. Whatever. Maybe the next Premium Bandai doll will come in a different colored box.


While I do like this release, and would be happy to pick her up second hand some day, I won’t be pre-ordering Mistress 9. What do you think of her, Moonies? Do you need her because Sailor Moon? Are you going to pass on this Pullip doll? Which Sailor Moon character will be the next in the series, or do you think Groove is done? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


AmiAmi 18,700 JPY (approximately $170 USD)
Hobby Search 20,900 JPY (approximately $190 USD)
Premium Bandai 23,760 JPY (approximately $224 USD)
* If you have a better pre-order price or a US shop please leave a comment with a link!



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