Pokemon Go Diary, Day 3: The Runaway Snorlax Debacle

Pokemon Go Diary: Day 3

So the entire universe is playing Pokemon Go, right? I downloaded the game fairly soon after it launched, but since I didn’t give it permission to view my location I couldn’t catch a starter or do literally anything. I finally re-downloaded it a few days ago and since I’ve been wandering around my neighborhood and driving to Pokestops to a chorus of “Are you playing Pokemon Go?” Why yes, yes I am. As you can see, I am on Team Mystic due to it being the coolest, plus it matches my character’s color scheme.

Here’s my diary for Day 3 …

The morning was pretty uneventful and I hatched a Zubat from a 2 km egg to a chorus of yawning noises. I took a nap in the afternoon for no real reason, and when I woke up I checked the game only to see the silhouette of Snorlax. I love Snorlax and even have a few plush Snorlax in my room, so I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs, as one does.

Pokemon Go Diary: Day 3
Pics or it didn’t happen, amirite?

It took about 10 minutes, but there he was! I was so excited and threw a Pokeball, which he swatted away … and then he was gone. I got the boot! He high tailed it right out of there and I was extremely sad. A perfect opportunity to have a gym-conquering beast on my team was gone as soon as it started. I then texted a bunch of people I know to complain about it. You know you would do (or already have done) the same.

Pokemon Go Diary: Day 3

Happily, as if Pokemon Go was trying to take the sting out of the Great Snorlax Running Away, I did find two new Pokemon on that same walk that I did catch: Jigglypuff and Squirtle. I also caught enough Venonats today to evolve one into a Venomoth, so that was good.

I was really low on Pokeballs all day and eventually ran out, so I decided to go on a quest for Pokestops. I ended up going to a local mall where there were about 10 Pokestops and 2 gyms that were being actively fought over. The CP of my Pokemon is way too low to be of any help at all, but it is neat seeing the gyms get defeated and repopulated within a matter of 20 minutes. The mall had a good number of Pokemon I haven’t seen yet, including Dratini, who I only saw in silhouette, and who is my #1 most wanted at the moment. The GPS in the mall was all kinds of wonky; I was only able to go to 5 of the 10 Pokestops because my character kept standing still when I was walking, then pause, walk in the opposite direction, and then turn around again. I was on the lower floor of a two story mall and when I moved to the top floor the GPS was a bit better. All of the “landmarks” for the mall Pokestops were in the wrong place though. Despite this I managed to catch my first Doduo and Gastly.

While I was driving home there were similar GPS issues to the ones I had at the mall; Pokestops would be inaccessible when you were near them, or the picture would just spin and spin and nothing would happen. At one point the GPS didn’t update my location and I was “too far away” from the Pokestop even though I was on top of it, then blip! it updated and there I was. Very strange. I’m not driving like a crazy person, by the way, boyfriend is in the car navigating. I did see a teenaged girl take a turn super wide and end up on the curb. Do we have data on Pokemon Go related car accidents?

Despite all this I’m still loving the game and I’m stupidly addicted. At least I’m getting my exercise. So, are any of you having issues with Pokestops? What’s your best Pokemon? Do you have any hilarious Pokemon Go related accident stories, like walking into a lake? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Current Stats:

Level: 9
Pokemon Seen: 39
Pokemon Caught: 40
Best Pokemon: Venomoth (CP 385)


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