Monster High Electrified Dolls: Venus, Twyla, Draculaura, and Silvi

Monster High recently announced through their Facebook page that there would be a new Monster High movie – Electrified – and dolls to accompany it. I will update this post when I see ordering info pop up, but for now let’s check out the announced dolls below.

Monster High Electrified Venus McFlytrap Doll

First announced was Electrified Venus McFlytrap. The new big eyes design doesn’t work as well here, but production runs could look fairly different. Venus has lots of crimped magenta hair with a green streak, a neon colored dress with flytrap motif, and lime flytrap belt, and a translucent flytrap hair accessory. My first impression of this doll was very favorable, as in “Maybe I won’t have to stop collecting Monster High dolls after all” kind of favorable. The design is interesting and strong, plus it’s totally 80s and that’s when I grew up, so of course I have a nostalgia-driven predisposition to like this series.

Monster High Electrified Silvia Timberwolf Doll

The Electrified launch came with news of a new character: Silvi Timberwolf, daughter of the gray wolves. Why there’s another wolf being released when we already have Clawdeen and her entire family is a mystery to me, but the new character looks interesting enough. Silvi’s outfit is a big of a mess of color, too many and unbalanced, and in the chaos you may be able to make out a howling wolf print. The translucent pink “fur” collar is different though, I’m not sure I like it, but it is eye catching. Silvi has really cute crimped sky blue hair with a pale green streak that looks like it’s in a ponytail. Her face up looks heavy on pink and blues which is one of my favorite color schemes. I do like this new character, I just don’t understand the impulse to add yet another wolf to Monster High (on the other hand, there are a ton of ghosts so … whatever).

Monster High Electrified Twyla Boogeyman Doll

I am super excited to see another release of my second favorite Monster High doll Twyla Boogeyman (my favorite is Rochelle). Twyla is proof that Mattel could have easily released this series as Totally 80s Monster High! and no one would have thought twice. Note to self: buy mini R.L. Stine books for my girls. Twyla has a mass of crimped mint green hair with purple highlights, a giant pink web bow around her neck, a huge translucent purple bow on her head, and a neon and black splatter paint dress. I love this release and want to cosplay as her. So. Freaking. Cute. My #1 pick from this series so far.

Monster High Electrified Draculaura Doll

Finally we have Draculaura (it bugs me that she has no last name) who has lots of magenta pink and black hair (they really never alter her color scheme). She also has a large pink hair bow, large yellow waist bow, and a black heart motif dress. I don’t love the Draculaura pink and blue plus yellow thing they’re doing, the yellow is just too much for me, even though it gives her a CMYK vibe that I do like. The yellow just feels out of place to me.


In conclusion, I am really feeling this new Monster High doll series. I love the 80s vibe and, while I’m not super excited about the new character, I do think she could be an interesting addition to the Monster High family.

Which of these new dolls are you planning on picking up? Are you digging the 80s vibe or are you not into it? Let me know in the comments!


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