Photos: Monster High Shriek Wrecked Draculaura and Dayna Treasura Jones Doll Spotted at TRU

Yesterday I went to my favorite Toys R Us, which inexplicably always has new releases despite it being the only store open in an abandoned strip mall, and lo! almost every new Monster High doll release was there. I photographed two of the Shriek Wrecked dolls (Draculaura and Dayna Treasura Jones) before leaving the store. You can view them and read my thoughts below. Lagoona was in stock, but was missing a huge chunk of lip paint, and I bought Rochelle, so she will be reviewed separately.

Monster High Shriek Wrecked Draculaura

First up is Draculaura, simply because I like her a lot. I’ve recently started rethinking my Monster High doll collection, and in an effort to save money, I am seriously considering only collecting Rochelle Goyle dolls. That’s pretty much the only reason this unique and really fun Draculaura doll was left on the shelf yesterday. The reboot face works so well for Draculaura (even though I don’t think it suits Frankie) and she looks super cute in her Shriek Wrecked form. The sailor suit is adorable and I love the anchor/bat earrings. The dark pink plastic “glove” forearms actually look nice in person. I know it irks people (I generally don’t like the MH “glove” hands), but from collecting Pullips and Barbies I can tell you that fabric gloves always look dumb. It might not be perfect, but the colored forearms are actually a pretty clever solution.

Monster High Shriek Wrecked Draculaura Box Art

I always say that I love the doll’s box art so I had to take photos of it, too. I still wish that Monster High dolls came with trading cards or a mini poster or something since I really think their box art is particularly strong.

Monster High Shriek Wrecked Dayna Treasura Jones

Dayna Treasura Jones, the unique character for the Shriek Wrecked series, was also in stock. Her skin in shimmery and similar to Gilda Goldstag’s, but lighter yellow. The black corset is molded onto her body, which looks nice, but I cannot like it as a design element. Her lips are a very cherry red color, which look out of place, but on the whole she’s an interesting doll. She has gold tinsel in her hair, similar to the Ever After High Birthday Ball deluxe dolls. The skirt is reversible, but I didn’t want to buy her unless I got the whole set, so she’s still at the store too.

Monster High Shriek Wrecked Dayna Treasura Jones Box Art

The main box at has her wearing her skirt reversed, it looks like it has a full dress under the skirt as well. From her box info it looks like they gave her a “pirate” accent.


While the Shriek Wrecked dolls are easily the best to come out of the Monster High reboot so far, I am happy that I only got Rochelle. Draculaura and Lagoona both look great after the reboot, but Frankie Stein and new character Ari Hauntington both look so bland now. I’ve heard a lot of rumors flying around about people getting review samples and flip flopping on the reboot, so I want to say that, while I got review copy for Mattel years ago, it’s been an absolute age since then. There are no sponsors or reviewed materials on this site, just my own opinion and dolls that I bought with my own money.

What do you all think of these two new Monster High dolls? Are they cropping up in your neck of the woods yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


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