Monster High: I Love Fashion Djinni “Whisp” Grant

New Monster High “I Love Fashion” (aka “I Heart Fashion”) packs have been spotted, this time featuring Djinni “Whisp” Grant. Whisp was a SDCC 2015 exclusive 2-pack with manster Valentine, and it’s nice to see her getting a wide release, similar to Iris Clops’.

Monster High I Love Fashion Djinni Whisp Grant Doll

Whisp comes with a lot of clothes and accessories, though it looks like a lot of the outfits are one piece, so there won’t be a lot of mixing and matching going on.

Monster High I Love Fashion Djinni Whisp Grant Doll

Whisp’s hair looks a bit lighter than her SDCC release and not as severe, since it’s down and not in the iconic high rise ponytail. Because Whisp is a shadow she’s covered with lots of gray tattoos and has elongated fingers, similar to Gigi’s. The outfit that she’s wearing is my favorite by far and the knee high boots, while not my person style, get points for design.

Monster High I Love Fashion Djinni Whisp Grant Doll

As for the extra fashion, she comes with three outfits, four bracelets, a gold belt? or collar?, purple earrings, pink genie shoes, and a purple scorpion purse. Being a Scorpio I am always going to love that the genie Monster High girls have scorpion style. The pink curl toe shoes look like a possible recolor of her SDCC shoes, which is good for anyone who missed the SDCC doll. The purple and black bracelets look like they could belong to Twyla, who is always a bracelet-heavy girl. Of the three outfits I like the purple and black the best, it looks like it may be a blouse and skirt, which would be great to have as separates. The pink dress with cutouts is kind of tacky to me, and the blue and gold jumpsuit is some kind of Star Trek Cleopatra mess. I hate it so much that I love it, actually.

Monster High I Love Fashion Djinni Whisp Grant Doll


On the whole, I feel like this is a really nice Monster High doll release and the clothes are interesting and unique. Will you be adding “I Love Fashion” Djinni “Whisp” Grant to you collection? If you already have her, what do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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