Phone Game Review: KleptoCats

Look what the cat dragged in …

With Neko Atsume so popular it’s not surprising that a similar game would crop up sooner or later, and KleptoCats is that game. In the game you collect cats that you then send on missions to bring items back to your room(s) in order to complete your Inventory and Cat-log. Additionally, there’s a Boutique if you want to dress or decorate your cat, but I’m always using my in-game going to buy gems to buy cats, so none of my cats are decorated. Some are pretty fanciful anyway, like Ghost (above) or one that looks like a watermelon who I renamed WaWa. There is a daily reward for playing and you can get coins or bells (which bring the cat immediately back) by watching short advertisement videos.

What isn’t immediately apparent about the game is that it has a very dark, dark side. For example there’s the knife on the bed, the phone with the text “U OK?” visible, the mirror reflecting a person tied to a chair, the dead bird and mouse, the fridge magnets that spell “HELP,” or the book “Obey.” All of this adds up to an extremely cluttered room full of nightmare fuel, double nightmare fuel if you’re OCD and can’t deal with a super messy apartment. You are also not able to store or rearrange items (or cats), which means that if you don’t like the nasty hair ball, dead animals, or knives, then it’s tough Tito Jackson because you’re stuck with them.

While KleptoCats was entertaining post-Neko Atsume it eventually got too creepy for me, and while I play time-to-time, I don’t recommend it if you don’t like dark humor and clutter. What does bring me back (for now) is the extremely cute design of the cats themselves.


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